Newport chairman: Salary cap is needed to protect League Two clubs from collapse

NEWPORT County AFC chairman Gavin Foxall believes a salary cap will protect League Two boards from putting clubs on the brink of collapse in chasing the dream of promotion.

Discussions are continuing about limiting the amount of wages that teams in the English Football League can spend on their squads.

Manager Michael Flynn, his players and coaches are currently furloughed after the early ending of the regular season in League Two but it will be a different summer for the boss.

The pandemic will impact on his retention and recruitment and all lower league clubs are likely to operate with smaller squads next season.

County, who are grateful to revenue from recent FA Cup heroics, have backed moves to introduce a salary cap in the EFL to ensure that an ‘arms race’ doesn’t put clubs on the brink.

South Wales Argus:

“There has been dialogue going on for some time about a salary cap for squads. We think it is absolutely needed at our level,” said Foxall (pictured above).

“A reset is needed generally in football, because the pandemic has highlighted that it’s not sustainable at certain levels.

“A salary cap is potentially going to come in next season and we believe that will ensure clubs can be enjoyed by thousands of people for years to come.

“One chairman at another League Two club described it as almost protecting chairmen and owners from themselves, because everybody wants to gain promotion and gain that little bit of an advantage.

“If your manager comes and asks you for something then nine times out of ten then you want to support them as much as you can for obvious reasons.

“We’ve been no different but that potentially can make clubs in League Two, and likely in League One, unsustainable.

“It would also create more of a level playing field, because in our league there are probably clubs that range in budgets from £1million right up to £3million I suspect.

“A salary cap would be really welcome to have a measure in place as part of the EFL regulations so that we don’t have another Bury.”

County are set to reveal their retained and released list in the coming days.

The core of their squad were already on long-term deals but a number of individuals – notably utility man Scot Bennett and striker Jamille Matt – had contracts that expire this summer.

South Wales Argus:

Flynn will have to cut his cloth accordingly for 2020/21 and the whole of League Two is set for a quieter summer.

“We’ve had a number of different dialogues with him on a number of different issues and challenges that the club has had,” said Foxall.

“It’s a difficult position for everybody involved in football, which is different to any other industry.

“In the summer there are something like 1,400 players out of contract and at the moment nobody knows when the season is going to be starting, so which club is going to sign a player when they don’t know when they will need their services?

“That is very difficult for the individuals…

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