Klopp’s Melwood move that helped rebuild Liverpool’s club unity

Jose Enrique has revealed how Jurgen Klopp went about unifying Liverpool as an entire club when he first arrived at Melwood.

The German took over from Brendan Rodgers in October 2015 and has since transformed the Reds into one of the best sides in world football.

After Wednesday night’s 4-0 win over Crystal Palace, Klopp’s men need just two more points to add a Premier League trophy to their Champions League success of last year.

Enrique was into the final year of his Anfield contract when Klopp arrived at the club nearly five years ago and the former left-back has explained how his former manager went about fostering a unity between the players and staff during his formative days as manager.

“You know when he arrived he did something I have never seen before in a manager,” Enrique told Sky Sports.

“He put us all in the press conference room in Melwood and sat us all down. He then brought all the staff out that work for Liverpool as well and made them pass all in front of us and he made us clap for all of them.

“We were like that for maybe 20 or 25 minutes because there is that many people working for the club and they really help the players perform on the pitch.

“Then when the last one passed, we stopped clapping and he just said: ‘Look at these people, these people just make it so easy for you to perform and focus on the pitch.

“‘Respect them as much as you respect me because they are as important as I am.’

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“It was like we already knew the staff at the training ground were brilliant with the players, but he made them feel amazing as well.

“That is why I always said Liverpool is the way it is right now because for me, the club is the key.

“Everyone is in the same direction from the ones up there [at the top] to the ones who work for the club.

“It is incredible what this guy has built at the club.”

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