Klopp Talk: “We Don’t Have to Change” the Squad This Summer

Sometimes it feels like a lot of people enjoy transfers more than football.

It’s felt like that recently, with the usual FSG Out crowd wasting no time to celebrate winning the league and complaining about not getting their big name signings.

Well, they’re going to be disappointed all summer. Jürgen Klopp is making it clear that the plan is to go again with the same core group.

“We don’t have to change,” the Liverpool Echo report the manager as saying. “We have to do the good things and then keep on improving the not so good things.

“Having better messages for the boys, that’s what we have to improve 100%. We are on a pretty interesting level but it is still possible to make it better.

“I don’t expect perfection from my players. I want to play next season as good as possible. If you can be very successful by losing six or seven or eight games then I will be surprised.

“When I look at the league now, I see so many teams really improving. It’s a difficult time, we don’t know who is going to take much risks with transfers and who doesn’t do that, we will see that.

“We will make sure that we are ready for a proper competition and a proper challenge. That’s what I expect, not that we become champions by winning 38 games, otherwise I’m not happy any more. These boys are exceptional characters and I don’t doubt them even 1%. I trust them 100%.

“They are not perfect and make mistakes, but they always strike back. Since I have known them, they have always improved and always struck back. They are thoughtful. As I’ve said, we won’t defend the title, we will attack it. We have to be prepared for the other teams’ reaction.”

Same again should do, lads.

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