Rakitic’s future still to be resolved

Barcelona and Ivan Rakitic must define the midfielder’s future in the coming weeks. The Croatian has a contract until 2021, but Barça will try to get something out of him no matter what, even though the Croatian player has more than justified his transfer thanks to 6 successful years with the club. 

Sevilla FC is still the team which is more interested in getting the player and, why denying it, it is also the favourite option for Rakitic, who reached the stardom with the club and has a family from Seville.

Since months ago, both teams have considered bringing forward the signing, which could take place at zero cost in 2021, to 2020. Barça, in a financial hurry,  are keen to get rid of the player for a price. 

As ‘Marca’ points out, Barcelona first asked for about 20 million euros, but Sevilla were not prepared to pay such a price. However, it seems they might have changed their mind. 

They could be prepared to pay up as long as it means getting the midfielder now. 

In any case, Barcelona are not making any promises. If there is a team that offers more than Sevilla, they will try to get Rakitic to go there.

In any case, the footballer is the one who has the handle, and he has gotten tired of repeating publicly that he wants to finish his contract with Barcelona. The offer has to be very good for Rakitic to accept to change his mind and go to another club before Sevilla.

Therefore, the three parts seem to be condemned to understand each other and the next weeks will be key. After all, Rakitic is not interested in staying if he will not be playing. 

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