Dier suspended for four matches after jumping into stands and confronting fan

The England international chased a supporter into the crowd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium following their penalty shoot-out loss to Norwich

Eric Dier has been banned for four games after he jumped into the crowd to confront a supporter after Tottenham‘s FA Cup fifth-round loss to Norwich.

The defensive midfielder jumped over the advertising hoardings and into the stands to chase down the fan following the penalty shoot-out loss in March, with footage of the incident going viral on social media.

The ban comes into play with immediate effect, and the England international has also been fined £40,000.

According to the FA, Dier had admitted improper conduct but had said that his actions were not aggressive, while his defence included “an unsolicited character reference” sent by England manager Gareth Southgate.

However his claim was dismissed by the English football authority, and Dier will miss four of Spurs’ final five Premier League matches, against Bournemouth, Arsenal, Newcastle and Leicester, although he will be available for their final match of the season, away to Crystal Palace.

The FA said on Twitter: “The Tottenham Hotspur player admitted that his actions at the conclusion of a fixture against Norwich City in The FA Cup on 4 March 2020 were improper but denied that they were also threatening.

“An independent Regulatory Commission subsequently found Eric Dier’s actions to be threatening.”

Dier climbed up the stands at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium before being pulled away by stewards following Spurs’ loss to the Canaries.

He was attempting to confront a supporter had been involved in a row with his brother Patrick, who had grabbed the fan after he had hurled abuse at the player as he went over to the stands after the game, with two other men becoming involved.

Dier entered the stands after seeing his brother get involved in the physical altercation and had attempted to chase down the supporter after he fled the scene, which the FA ruled constituted “threatening” behaviour.

In his defence statement, Dier said: “I instinctively jumped over the barrier and began climbing the rows of seats towards Patrick and the three men. All that was going through my mind was that I must protect Patrick.

“In hindsight I feel even more responsible for his safety. He had gone to the game to support me, and he had become upset by the personal abuse being yelled at me, and that had led him into this situation.”

Once in the stands, however, the FA found that Dier had persued the spectator rather than go to his brother, leading them to find him guilty of threatening behaviour.

Their findings read: “We are quite satisfied on the balance of probabilities, that Dier’s conduct… was objectively threatening. We appreciate some filmed the incident and others simply watched. But, that of itself does not prevent it being, when viewed objectively, threatening.

“His conduct caused or contributed to the spectator fleeing. It is also no…

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