Virgin Media Have A Heap Of Great European Football Matches On This Week

With the European Championships postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19, football fans might feel a bit cheated by the lack of high-quality matches on offer over the summer.

Granted, the Premier League returned and kept some interest going – mainly in terms of the race for Champions League qualification and the battle to beat the drop – and while the League of Ireland is back too, all eyes have been fixed on the tantalising return of the Champions League.

Simply put, the knockout stages of Europe’s elite competition is consistently the best football in the world.

From its resumption on Friday, August 7 right up until the final on August 23, the greatest football club competition in the world will surely provide an incredible standard, especially now that we’re in the business stages.

Aside from this, there’s also the extra interest with Lisbon being the sole venue for Champions League mini-tournament. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the Champions League will be played as a single-match, straight knockout tournament between the eight qualifying clubs from 12-23 August in the Portuguese capital.

Well, Virgin Media will be showing all eleven remaining Champions League ties and all fifteen Europa League matches as both competitions return this week.

The action kicks-off on Wednesday with four Europa League round of 16 fixtures taking place.

Manchester United take a commanding 5-0 lead into their return match against LASK (Virgin Media Sport) while Inter Milan v Getafe will be shown on Virgin Media Two.

Four more Europa League ties will be resolved on Thursday night and Virgin’s coverage starts at 5.30 pm as Sevilla and Roma battle it out on Virgin Media Sport.

That is followed by Wolves v Olympiacos on Virgin Media Two.

Friday night sees the return of the Champions League with two belting matches in store.

Coverage starts at 7pm and viewers will be able to choose between Juventus v Lyon (Virgin Media Sport and Virgin Media Two), or Real Madrid’s attempt to overcome a 2-1 deficit against Manchester City on Virgin Media Sport Extra 1.

The Champions League round of 16 concludes on Saturday with the meetings of Barcelona v Napoli (Virgin Media Sport and Virgin Media Two at 7pm), and Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (Virgin Media Sport Extra 1.)

On each night, a ‘Match Choice’ feature will be available to viewers as they can decide to watch two games simultaneously side-by-side on a split-screen. This will be available to Virgin TV Customers on Virgin Media Sport Extra 6.

With no crowd at the venues, viewers will also have two audio options for each match. One channel will broadcast the commentary with added crowd noise while another channel will output the commentary with just natural sound from the stadium.

When the last 16 ties are all decided, there’s the small matter of the quarter-finals to get excited on later this month.

God bless European football!

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