Liverpool news and transfers LIVE – Stuttgart reaction as Leeds eye duo

‘Perfect fit’ Kevin De Bruyne should consider a sensational switch from Manchester City to Liverpool.

So says former Reds striker Stan Collymore.

Kevin De Bruyne fully ­deserves to have been named PFA Player of the Year – he has been Mr Consistency at such a high level.

But that makes me wonder: Isn’t it time he tested himself at Real Madrid, a rejuvenated Barcelona or – here’s one to put the cat among the pigeons – Liverpool?

De Bruyne hasn’t yet played for a massive club because Chelsea and Manchester City come with B-grade expectations. At Wolfsburg, it’s a C and Belgium are more of a dark horse than front-runner.

The only way he can really stamp his greatness on the game is by joining a club at which he’d have A* ­expectations and, at the height of his powers, there isn’t a better time for him to do that. De Bruyne would be the perfect fit for Liverpool.

He could go in and run a midfield which already has all the attributes to get the best out of him.

He could make them a truly great side, one which wins multiple Premier League and Champions League titles. I can hear City fans screaming: ‘Nonsense, Stan’. But it’s only ­nonsense if Liverpool don’t have the brass neck or finances to go for it.

Some of the great moves have come from a starting point of: ‘Come off it, that could never happen’.

But with respect to City, this isn’t a move from Barca to Madrid or vice-versa, and even that is a path which has sometimes been trodden.

Having a nibble at De Bruyne ought to be a no-brainer for Liverpool ­because he would make a midfield that was excellent last season even better.

Most Liverpool fans would tell you their midfield is 8/10 as things stand, compared to rearguard and forward lines that are 9/10. To go on and truly dominate at home and in Europe, Liverpool are going to need more goals and assists from midfield.

And in De Bruyne they would have a player who is always going to find a forward with a pass and is always ­going to weigh in with goals and ­free-kicks, too.

There’s a kicker to this as well, and that is that the player I’d love to see alongside him in Liverpool’s midfield is their Liverpool-born right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

I’d be trying to find another full-back like Andy Robertson for the right-hand side if I was Anfield ­manager Jurgen Klopp and looking seriously at whether Alexander-Arnold could make the move further forward.

Imagine having him and De Bruyne with skipper Jordan Henderson, Brazil international Fabinho, or Naby Keita tucked in ­behind them.

They would have long-range ­passing, athleticism, dynamism, ­creativity and assists for fun, with Alexander-Arnold learning from De Bruyne and the pair developing an almost telepathic understanding.

If they could make that happen then Liverpool wouldn’t just go on to win multiple Doubles and Trebles but they would have a midfield that is ­arguably untouchable for the next four or five years.

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