Top 20 Prospects at Newcastle United

After watching and following Newcastle United’s youth system from afar I felt it was time we rank the top prospects at Newcastle United!

This list is not final. Every time a player proves good enough to be in this list I will release another article updating you all with who I added and where they rank. Simultaneously, when someone is “no longer a prospect” (getting to that in the next section) I will also update the list with the new rankings. Even if there are no changes, I will release the rankings at the top of every month to let you know how each player is performing.

Disclaimer: Someone will get mad at this list. Maybe it’s you, it’s completely fine if you’re mad at a list. That’s okay.


  • A prospect at Newcastle United is a player who meets ALL of the following criteria:
  1. The player must be under the age of 25
  2. The player must have less than 10 Premier League (Or 10 of any of the other top 4 European Leagues – Spain, France, Germany, Italy) appearances for any club

Some thoughts on how these rankings will play out. This is not an end-all-be-all list. I am trying to project, who is the most promising player in Newcastle United’s system. However, I am not going to rank a 17 year old player with 0 Premier League appearances over Matty Longstaff. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I could definitely rank a younger player with a few 1st team appearances in cups over an older player with 8 Premier League appearances. The list will change, and I will consistently provide updates monthly. Follow me on Twitter @nufc_greg for more frequent updates.

Here are the things I’m looking for:

  • Age—Not only must the player be young (under 25), but his performance to this point must dominating competition at lower levels.
  • Statistics—This is important as the player must have displayed some sort of extraordinary talent at some point. Again, relative to age. If Jack Colback gets a hattrick in a U23 match, I don’t care.
  • Position—I will take a look at scouting reports to an extent. If a defensive midfielder is a great passer and holds things together, I won’t be judging him on goals scored or assists as much as I would judge an attacking midfielder.
  • Scouting Report/Expert Analysis—I am not nor never have been a Premier League player or a professional Soccer/Football player of any kind. Mainly, because I’m not good enough. Similarly, I do not have the resources or time to scout all of the players who are playing in our academy individually. Maybe one day I will, and if anyone has any connections, get me in touch, and I’d be happy to speak to them. But as of today I’m more fan than expert.
  • Special Skill Set—If you are a winger with pace,. you are in. If you are a sniper passing the ball 40 yards, or a great set piece taker, or a stonewall reliable defender, you too are in.
  • Injury History—You are young and in the best shape of your life. If the player can’t stay healthy as an academy player in his teens or…

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