Chelsea players want exit due to lack of coordination with Lampard

Chelsea defensive midfielder N’Golo Kante reveals about his nervousness about the club. Recently, he reveals that he wants the exit from the Stamford Bridge side in the next year and joins Spanish giants Real Madrid.

However, Chelsea is performing well in this season of the English Premier League. As they are not in the top five but except to continue their good form and enter into the title race. But Frank Lampard hoping to follow their previous match form against South Hampton this weekend.

But the news of N’Golo Kante exits due to a misunderstanding between coach and player. The only reason behind it was Frank Lampard didn’t allow Kante to attend his friend’s marriage by avoiding training session. So there was some misuse of words between Lampard and Kante that took place.

Nowadays N’Golo Kante was on international duty and played an outstanding match against Croatia. The match between French vs Croatia was tough and interesting enough but at the end of the match, the result was drawn. Which put both sides leave the stadium with equal distribution.

As per the report from the French outlet Le Parisien, N’Golo Kante had a dream to play at La Liga champions Real Madrid from the next season. Also, he reportedly falling out with the coach due to very small reasons around the squad.

Furthermore, reports also claim that N’Golo Kante and his representatives wanted to leave the club within this year and had a deal with Real Madrid. Though La Liga champions not showed any interest in French midfielder they expected to move to Real Madrid.

Clubs interested to sign Chelsea star

Clubs interested to sign Chelsea star
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N’Golo Kante joined Chelsea in 2016 after winning the title with the Leicester City. Chelsea star was linked with the other top clubs of the English Premier League in this summer transfer window but unfortunately, the contract didn’t take place.

Whereas, the likes of Manchester United & Serie A giants Inter Milan were interested to sign the Frenchman from their side. But in the end, Frank Lampard stated him as an important part of the blue’s squad and decided to keep for the next season.

Moreover, N’Golo Kante remained with the three years of contract with Chelsea. It will mostly depend on the manager’s call about the player whether to sell him or keep him. Therefore, looking towards the current situation of the Chelsea it clears that Frank Lampard will not allow Kante to leave the club.

But in football, things are very different as games changes at the last minute of the match. Similarly, the decisions of the clubs get overturned as per the situations. So N’Golo Kate’s presence in the Chelsea squad during the next season will depend on his current season performance.

Meanwhile, a report from The Express clears that Chelsea had denied the report of Le Parisien. The representative of Chelsea said that the story expressed by the Le Parisien report is nonsense. Hence, N’Golo Kante will remain with the club…

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