EFL chief Rick Parry welcomes Gary Neville and David Bernstein’s ‘Manifesto for

“The EFL welcomes any proposals that look to address the current economic imbalance and address the issue of long-term sustainability throughout the English football pyramid,” said EFL chair Rick Parry.

“The ‘Manifesto for Change’ fronted by David Bernstein and Davies along with Gary Neville aims to do just that and, as I’ve said previously, nobody has the monopoly on generating new ideas, so any sensible proposals to effect positive lasting change should be actively encouraged and supported.

“What the past seven days has done is reignited a long overdue debate and started to focus minds on creating and delivering solutions to a problem that has existed for over two decades.”

The ‘Manifesto for Change’ group believe their ideas are already overwhelmingly supported by fans. Their own national survey found that 76 per cent of fans want a radical change in football governance and that 78 per cent think that the current club model is unsustainable in its current form.

They also found that more than three quarters of people support the creation of an independent regulator. Further proposals also include a new funding formula, governance reforms at the FA, a greater say for fans and a “fair levy” on Premier League income.  

The group estimate that Premier League income is 12 times larger than the FA and want to reduce the league’s “soft power” and influence in relation to the rest of English football. “Multi-million pound television deals for some are lauded at the same time as facilities, including pitches for the grassroots, wither away,” says their report.

The group are to lobby the government to initiate legislation, but Grant is also ready to put forward a private members’ bill and they are confident that it would command considerable cross-party support.

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