Caoimhin Kelleher creates a massive new problem

Liverpool man Caoimhin Kelleher has created a problem.

Jurgen Klopp took a lot of people by surprised when he selected the 22-year-old Irishman for the vital Champions League game against Ajax.

Alisson Becker was missing because of a hamstring injury, and whenever that happened in the past Adrian had always stepped into the breach.

The former West Ham man did okay, generally speaking. His shot-stopping ability was fine, but the way Adrian played out from the back left a lot to be desired.

It actively contributed to Liverpool’s downfall against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League last season and seemed to affect his confidence to such a degree that Adrian’s strengths were no longer as strong.

It was in this context that Klopp decided to pick Caoimhin Kelleher, and retain the youngster in goal for the victory over Wolves on Sunday.

This is where his problem starts. It’s safe to assume that Kelleher is now the second choice goalkeeper and Adrian has been relegated to third choice. It’s safe to assume this because Klopp has given every indication that it’s true.

Adrian’s contract expires in the summer, and as a result of his demotion behind Kelleher in the pecking order, it’s also safe to assume that the Spaniard’s deal won’t be renewed.

Which gives Liverpool a problem.

Will they go with Kelleher as the second choice for the season, and if so, how does that tally with his development as a player? The Irishman won’t be given the minutes he needs to improve and will turn 23 during the next campaign.

How this would put a slight pause on his development is unknown to us mortals, but it’ll give Klopp and goalkeeping coach John Achterberg a headache as they plan for next season.

One thing that could help Liverpool out is Loris Karius, who is yet to make an appearance during his loan spell with Union Berlin – but even his contract expires in the summer of 2021.

So what do the Reds do next? Keep Kelleher as second choice stopper for 2021/2022 and possibly harm his future development, or keep Adrian or Karius around the club by providing them with fresh contracts?

They could even turn towards the transfer market, but that’s a difficult move to make. It may be a lovely problem, but Kelleher has given as a problem nevertheless.

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