European Qualifiers for 2022 World Cup: all the fixtures

Teams have been split into ten groups of five or six (the four teams who reached the 2021 UEFA Nations League finals – Belgium, France, Italy, Spain – will be in the smaller groups). The ten group winners qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The ten group runners-up will be joined by the two best group winners from the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League overall ranking that have neither qualified directly for the final tournament as European Qualifiers group winners, nor entered the play-offs already as European Qualifiers group runners-up. The 12 teams will be drawn into three play-off paths for one-off semi-finals and a final. The three path winners qualify for the World Cup.

2022 World Cup qualifying: all you need to know


Wednesday 24 March

Group A: Portugal vs Azerbaijan, Serbia vs Republic of Ireland
Group D: Finland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, France vs Ukraine
Group E: Belgium vs Wales, Estonia vs Czech Republic
Group G: Gibraltar vs Norway, Latvia vs Montenegro, Turkey vs Netherlands
Group H: Cyprus vs Slovakia, Malta vs Russia, Slovenia vs Croatia

Thursday 25 March

Group B: Spain vs Greece, Sweden vs Georgia
Group C: Bulgaria vs Switzerland, Italy vs Northern Ireland
Group F: Israel vs Denmark, Moldova vs Faroe Islands, Scotland vs Austria
Group I: Andorra vs Albania, England vs San Marino, Hungary vs Poland
Group J: Germany vs Iceland, Liechtenstein vs Armenia, Romania vs North Macedonia


Highlights: Serbia 2-4 Portugal

Highlights: Serbia 2-4 Portugal

Saturday 27 March

Group A: Republic of Ireland vs Luxembourg, Serbia vs Portugal
Group E: Belarus vs Estonia, Czech Republic vs Belgium
Group G: Montenegro vs Gibraltar, Norway vs Turkey, Netherlands vs Latvia
Group H: Russia vs Slovenia, Croatia vs Cyprus, Slovakia vs Malta

Sunday 28 March

Group B: Georgia vs Spain, Kosovo vs Sweden
Group C: Bulgaria vs Italy, Switzerland vs Lithuania
Group D: Kazakhstan vs France, Ukraine vs Finland
Group F: Denmark vs Moldova, Austria vs Faroe Islands, Israel vs Scotland
Group I: Albania vs England, Poland vs Andorra, San Marino vs Hungary
Group J: Armenia vs Iceland, North Macedonia vs Liechtenstein, Romania vs Germany


Kane v Lewandowski: England meet Poland

Kane v Lewandowski: England meet Poland

Tuesday 30 March

Group A: Azerbaijan vs Serbia, Luxembourg vs Portugal
Group E: Belgium vs Belarus, Wales vs Czech Republic
Group G: Gibraltar vs Netherlands, Montenegro vs Norway, Turkey vs Latvia
Group H: Croatia vs Malta, Cyprus vs Slovenia, Slovakia vs Russia

Wednesday 31 March

Group B: Greece vs Georgia, Spain vs Kosovo
Group C: Lithuania vs Italy, Northern Ireland vs Bulgaria
Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs France, Ukraine vs Kazakhstan
Group F: Austria vs Denmark, Moldova vs Israel, Scotland vs Faroe Islands
Group I: Andorra vs Hungary, England vs Poland, San Marino vs Albania
Group J: Armenia vs Romania, Germany vs North Macedonia, Liechtenstein vs Iceland

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Wednesday 1 September

Group A: Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan, Portugal vs Republic of Ireland
Group D: Kazakhstan vs…

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