JE3 Foundation donate defibrillator to Marine ahead of Spurs tie

The donation is part of three being made by the Foundation this week to mark what would have been Edinburgh’s 51st birthday.

Donations have been made to Newport County AFC and Essex Community First Aid Events, with a third being made to Marine AFC as they prepare to take on Tottenham, who Edinburgh played for, in the third round of the FA Cup next month.

Marine safety officer Peter McCormack said: “We look forward to receiving this very generous donation and the provision of training in its use.

“This offer of kindness demonstrates the bond between Justin, Tottenham and the FA Cup whilst showcasing our new formed relationship, which will be a real long-term legacy of this great occasion in our club’s history when we take on Tottenham Hotspur next month.”

The Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation was set up by Edinburgh’s family after he tragically died following a cardiac arrest in June 2019.

He never regained consciousness and died five days later. An on-site automated external defibrillator (AED) could have increased Edinburgh’s chances of survival dramatically.


Newport Country receive their donation from the Foundation

/ Justin Edinburgh Foundation )

In a bid to turn this tragic event into something positive, Edinburgh’s family set up the Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation.

The aim is to fund training and education in both effective CPR and use of a defibrillator, funding defibrillators for venues that cannot afford them.

The main objective is to campaign for a legislative change – “Justin’s Law” – which would make it compulsory for all health and sports facilities across the United Kingdom to be equipped with a defibrillator.

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