Darren Drysdale: Referee who squared up to Ipswich’s Alan Judge not assigned EFL

Darren Drysdale, the referee charged by the FA with improper conduct for squaring up to Ipswich’s Alan Judge, continues to be unassigned to any EFL fixtures.

Drysdale, 50, was taken off duty for Saturday’s League Two match between Southend and Bolton.

He was left out of the midweek fixtures and will once again not officiate this coming weekend.

Video footage of last week’s incident, which saw Drysdale pressing heads against Judge during Ipswich’s 0-0 draw with Northampton, has been viewed, shared and liked hundreds of thousands of times combined on social media.

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Drysdale appeared to square up to Alan Judge before booking the Ipswich player in their goalless draw against Northampton. No official complaint has been made by the club

Drysdale apologised for the incident, but Judge has responded to say there was no need to say sorry for the confrontation.

Both exchanged words in the 90th minute after the midfielder’s appeal for a penalty had been turned down before the 49-year-old Lincolnshire official leant into Judge.

Ipswich pair Flynn Downes and Jack Lankester and Northampton defender Lloyd Jones stepped in and calmed the situation before Drysdale booked Judge.

Flynn Downes of Ipswich Town is shown a red card by referee Darren Drysdale against Northampton


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Judge said: “There was no need for an apology. I wasn’t looking for one or looking for any action to be taken. In football as everybody knows stuff happens in the heat of the moment in a game. We all make mistakes and for me that is the end of this.”

In a statement last week, the FA said: “Darren Drysdale has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3 following last night’s EFL League One game between Ipswich Town FC and Northampton Town FC.

“It is alleged that the match official’s behaviour during the 90th minute of the game amounts to improper conduct and he has until Thursday 4 March 2021 to provide a response.”

Drysdale, who was appointed to the National List of referees covering EFL games in 2004,…

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