How ready to welcome crowds are the Euro 2020 host cities?

As Boris Johnson unveils his roadmap out of lockdown, Brits can begin looking forward to some semblance of normal life as the summer approaches. For football fans, there is growing optimism that they will be able to attend postponed Euro 2020 matches that are due to be hosted at Wembley, with crowds in attendance. 

Under the roadmap, life will be “as close to normal as possible” by June 21, which could include capacity crowds at stadiums. England are due to play the Czech Republic at Wembley on June 22, with one round-of-16 game on June 26 and the semi-finals and final hosted in London on July 6, 7 and 11.

But what about the rest of Europe?  Restrictions vary greatly by country. For example, crowds have been present at sporting events in Russia for many months, whereas in the Netherlands, crowds have been banned since early in 2020, with little prospect of them returning any time soon.

Uefa insists that Euro 2020 will go ahead in its scheduled format, which involves 12 host cities in 11 different nations. However, the decision about crowds at matches rests entirely with local governments. 

Uefa say they are waiting proposals from governing football associations from each host country about their projected crowd sizes, which will be submitted in April.

When contacted by Telegraph Sport, a spokesman for Uefa said the organisation remained committed to allowing each host city as much opportunity as possible to get fans back into stadiums. 

The spokesman reiterated a January statement from Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin in which he said: “Fans are such a big part of what makes football special and that is true of the EURO as much as it is of any game. We must allow ourselves the maximum space to allow their return to the stadiums.”

Much will depend on the vaccine rollout across various nations, which puts Britain in an advantageous position. Almost 27 per cent of the population have received a vaccine, behind only Israel and the UAE worldwide. By contrast, every other host nation has yet to offer a vaccine to more than 90 per cent of their populations.

Telegraph Sport has examined the current coronavirus restrictions and vaccination situation for every host city:

Amsterdam, Holland

  • Current restrictions: Lockdown measures are currently in place until at least March 2. These include a nightly curfew (9pm-4.30am), stay at home orders, a two-person outdoor gathering limit, closure of public venues including sport stadiums and hotels and a non-essential foreign travel ban. 

  • Current vaccine numbers: 5.7 percent (The Dutch have so far vaccinated 987,000 of their 17.3 million people)

  • Can I travel there?: For UK nationals who are not Dutch residents, there is currently a blanket travel ban in force, with all passenger flights and ferries banned from transiting between the two countries. This policy was due to remain in effect until at least February 22 but has since been extended.

  • Matches to host: Three group stage matches,…

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